Customer Service

The fact is, we won’t succeed unless you do. So, it’s in our best interest to help you increase your efficiencies, meet your market deadlines, and achieve your objectives.

Production Planning

We gladly assist some of our customers with production planning. Taking into account multiple-site inventory balances and forecasted demand, we’ll partner to craft a tailored schedule to meet your needs.

“We know that your solutions depend on the questions of “when” and “how much?”



customer service


real time inventory

Real-time inventory

Each and every one of our valued customers is given access to our online portal which includes a real-time inventory report. The report includes information about the progress of job production, available inventory, and tentative shipping requests. Customers actively use our report as a common platform when talking with their customer care correspondents.

We’re committed to keeping you updated at every point in the process.

OnlineĀ Invoicing

In an effort to keep pace with the growing global trend to reduce paper use, Burd & Fletcher is pleased to provide online invoicing. A designated customer contact receives a daily e-mail of new invoices with a weblink to view and print them. The online invoicing portal also allows our customer to see a history of paid invoices and a listing of outstanding invoices.

“We are committed to delivering a transparent invoice for our customers to see.”



online invoicing