Information Systems

If automation can reduce costs, then we work to incorporate into our process. The usefulness and value of each upgrade is determined by how it benefits you.


paper board inventory control

Inventory Control

Burd & Fletcher uses the latest in software and hardware technology to manage customer inventory. Our warehouses undergo an annual, third-party-verified audit to ensure the integrity of our inventory data.

In each of the past 5 years, Burd & Fletcher has surpassed 99% inventory accuracy.

Supply Chain Management

In this era of technological partnership, we coordinate electronically with our vendors to improve receiving times, material accuracy, and delivery schedules.

We are always working to lower your costs.

food packaging supply chain management


security enforcement

Security Enforcement

Sate-of-the-art security hardware and software continuously protects Burd and Fletcher. We monitor physical access and plant activity with full-time, high resolution digital camera coverage, and archive all footage for easy retrieval and review. Biometric time clocks in all departments insure safe and accurate shift changes and reporting. Entry and exit points are tightly-controlled by key fob-based security panels to accurately verify and moderate plant and office access.

Burd & Fletcher is committed to a secure facility to protect your product integrity.

Virtual Solutions

We are maintaining our competitive edge by running a virtualization solution that meets our business requirements for today and tomorrow. Virtualization has taken us from an often inflexible, widely-managed IT environment into a flexible, tightly-managed silo.

Our forward-thinking yields efficiency gains that help you build cost savings.

manufacturing virtual solutions