Green is Not Just a Color in Our Palette

Our underground plants in Kansas City are some of the most environmentally responsible manufacturing facilities in the industry. We have an unwavering commitment to the environment, as seen through our zero-landfill policy for paperboard, printing methods that reduce ink usage, and our temperature-controlled underground plant that reduces our carbon footprint, to name a few. Below is a full summary of Burd & Fletcher’s sustainability initiatives, aimed at creating the most responsible manufacturing process in the food packaging industry.

Burd & Fletcher’s Sustainability Initiatives:

  • Recycling and reselling of raw materials
  • Low energy footprint
    • Continuously upgrading fixtures to more efficient replacements
      • Examples: Lights, fans, and compressors
  • Electric forklifts and floor jacks
  • Underground location
  • Working with sustainable suppliers
  • Sustainable Suppliers Initiative
    • Burd & Fletcher is committed to working with sustainable suppliers. To this extent, our virgin fiber board suppliers are Chain of Custody certified through the SFI® governing body.
  • Working to improve packaging sustainability
    • Caliper reductions
    • Poly coating replacement
    • Intermodal transportation
    • Basis weight reductions
    • Manage carton size to reduce paperboard use
    • Alternative substrates that are made from recycled material

View our full corporate vision on sustainability below.