Green is Not Just a Color in Our Palette

Our underground plants in Kansas City are some of the most environmentally responsible manufacturing facilities in the industry. We have an unwavering commitment to the environment, as seen through our zero-landfill policy for paperboard, printing methods that reduce ink usage, and our temperature-controlled underground plant that reduces our carbon footprint, to name a few.

Fast Facts About Our:

Underground Facility

  • We control the temperature and humidity in our facility naturally, which measurably reduces energy usage and also provides a perfect production and storage environment.
  • We use motion-activated lighting in our warehouse and office spaces, which saves a massive amount of energy during business hours.
  • We use only all-electric vehicles inside our facility.

Waste Elimination

  • We constantly find new ways to reduce the weight of our products while maintaining or improving functionality. This reduces total paperboard usage.
  • We have a policy against mixing different types of paperboard products, because “mixed bundles” (a product with mixed paperboard types) cannot be recycled. Also, we have an automated collection system that confirms everything we’re recycling is not a mixed bundle.
  • We use virgin paperboard in our products. This means our supplies are certified by the SFI® for being environmentally responsible in sourcing our paper products.
  • We are COC certified. This means we use only certified products throughout our process and we never use mixed bundles, making all waste 100% recyclable.

Efficient Transportation

  • We incorporate intermodal transportation (i.e. rail transportation, as opposed to only trucking) for finished packaging and raw materials.