At Burd & Fletcher, our commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in our supplies, processes and internal ecosystem. We talk the talk and walk the walk.

Our Vision

Through principled governance practices, Burd & Fletcher’s commitment to sustainability ensures that our processes enhance the products we manufacture for their entire life cycle. Our pride in our products reflects a commitment to make products our customers desire from a responsible process that preserves natural resources for today and the future.

Our Sustainability Policy

Our goal requires us to continuously evaluate our energy inputs, manufacturing environment, equipment, and raw materials in light of economic, environmental and social necessities. Through education, independent 3rd party audits, and evaluation of global climate change reporting systems, we remain poised to be an industry leader in the application and implementation of sustainable practices to the benefit of our customers, associates, and suppliers as well as the community in general.

Our Initiatives

Founded in 1886, Burd & Fletcher’s approach to stewardship reflects our intent to be around for another 100+ years. We take pride in our innovative food packaging because everything from our processes to our culture is rooted in stewardship for the environment.